MAS114: Numbers and Groups, Semester 2, 2017-2018

Lecturer: Dr Sam Marsh

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Continued disruption alert! Due to planned major downgrades to pensions of academic staff, members of the University and College Union have been striking at universities around the country. While the initial wave of strike action is over, the dispute has not been resolved, and there is likely to be more disruption after Easter, comparable to the first wave of strikes, unless a solution is found.

You can read more about the reasons for the dispute here, and you can also read an article I was asked to write for the Times Higher Education Supplement here.

This is the 2017-2018 course web page for MAS114: Numbers and Groups, Semester 2, which will be updated as the module progresses. For official course information, including timetabling and syllabus, please consult the list of current modules.

Course Information

The notes for this semester will be distributed in the first lecture, and consist of a booklet with blank sections. The full notes, with blanks filled in, can also be downloaded below.

I have an office hour at Friday, 12 midday in my office (G9, Hicks Building). No appointment necessary.


Tutorial Classes

The worksheets used by the tutors in the tutorial classes are below.

1Modular arithmetic
3Surjectivity injectivity and bijectivity
4No class
5Countability and permutations
6Cycle decompositions parity and order
7Cycle decompositions parity and order

Problem Booklet and Homeworks

The problem booklet, given out in Week 1 of Semester 2, can be downloaded below. The problems are for working on outside of classes. The solutions can also be downloaded below, but solutions to homework problems will not appear until after the hand-in.

Below are the details of which problems were set as homework.

Week Homework Solution
1 Chapter 1, Q1 Model answer
2 Chapter 1, Q5 Model answer
3 Chapter 1, Q9 Model answer
4 (None set, no class)
5 (None set, no class)
6 (None set, probably no class)
7 Chapter 2, Q9 & Q10

Online Tests

The online tests continue as in Semester 1. Please follow the link below. The tests will appear by Friday midday, and close at the end of the following Thursday at midnight.

The system does not use your standard university password. If you can't remember the password, or haven't used it yet, just enter your student ID and click 'Send password reminder' to be sent your password by email.

Discussion Board

The MAS114 discussion board lies within MOLE, so you will be asked for your usual username and password. I will receive an automated email when you post.

Lecture Recordings

As with most of your modules, the lectures will be recorded using the university's Encore system. You can find the lectures by logging into MOLE, or using the link below.

Past Exams

The 2016-17 and 2015-16 papers, with solutions, are below. In line with departmental policy, further past papers can be found on the School of Mathematics and Statistics' website, but solutions will not be provided. If you want to ask about a question from one of these past papers, please use the discussion board.

Prior to 2011-12 this course was taught in two halves; the relevant code for the second semester material was MAS175.

Interesting Extras

Below are things related to material covered in the course which may be of interest to you.

Contact Details

Dr Sam Marsh
Room G9, Hicks Building
Telephone: 0114 2223792 (internal extension: 23792)